Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Meeting

"My name is Sherlock Holmes... it seems to me that you have much to answer for"
- Sherlock Holmes to Sir Robert Norberton in "The Adventrue of Shoscombe Old Place"

And we hope that you'll answer our invitation to join us for a fine evening of post-holiday cheer at the annual winter meeting of the Amateur Mendicant Society of Detroit.

Saturday January 19th at 7PM
British Commonwealth Club
30088 Dequindre Rd. Warren, MI
Club Phone: (586) 751-9560

Our assigned reading is the final Holmes story, "The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place", which involves a possible murder, a spooky crypt, and bones found in a furnance!  (And there'll be a quiz.)

The evening's presenter will be Dennis Ward on "The Enigma of Sherlock Holmes," which considers the life, travels, and writing of Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr. Watson's literary agent.

We'll also have a Sherlockian Swap Meet (so bring your items to sell) plus the usual toasts, prizes and more, including a celebration of The Master's 159th birthday and a report on the annual Baker Street Irregulars gathering in New York. 

We hope to see you on January 19th.

To join us, please mail your check for $26 per person by Monday January 14th to:

Edward F. Stein, AMS
25015 Oakbrooke
Southfield, MI 48033

The meal includes a buffet featuring roast beef, chicken, veggies, mashed and au gratin potatoes, bread, assorted desserts, and coffee and tea.  As always, there will be a cash bar.

"Come at once if convenient... if inconvenient, come all the same".


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Tim Symonds said...

If the 'Amateurs' would like a complimentary copy of my latest Sherlock (see below) let me have a postal address to send it. With best wishes, Tim Symonds

Holmes on justice: “Wretch as he was, he was still living under the shield of British law, and I have no doubt, Inspector, that you will see that, though that shield may fail to guard, the sword of justice is still there to avenge.” The Resident Patient.

Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery of Einstein's Daughter by Tim Symonds

In his later years Albert Einstein came to be considered a secular saint for proclamations like "Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice, I can help in the greatest of all causes - goodwill among men and peace on earth." His younger years were different.

In late 1903 Einstein's illegitimate daughter 'Lieserl' disappears without trace in Serbia aged around 21 months. As Holmes exclaims in the Mystery of Einstein's Daughter, "the most ruthless effort has been made by public officials, priests, monks, Einstein's friends, followers, relatives and relatives-by-marriage to seek out and destroy every document with Lieserl’s name on it. The question is – why?"

Publication date January 2014
‘Lieserl’s fate shadows the Einstein legend like some unsolved equation’ Scientist Frederic Golden Time Magazine

Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery of Einstein's Daughter is available at or Review copies contact Steve Emecz at

Tim Symonds was born in London. He grew up in Somerset, Dorset and Guernsey. After several years working in the Kenya Highlands and along the Zambezi River he emigrated to the United States. He studied in Germany at Göttingen and at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Political Science. Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of Einstein’s Daughter was written in a converted oast house in 'Conan Doyle country', near Rudyard Kipling’s old home Bateman’s in East Sussex and in the forests and hidden valleys of the Sussex High Weald.
The author’s other detective novels include Sherlock Holmes and The Dead Boer at Scotney Castle and Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Bulgarian Codex.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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