Saturday, January 27, 2007

Winter Meeting Minutes

It was noon on a brisk, cold, clear Saturday when 42 Amateur Mendicants and friends gathered at the Station 885 Neighborhood Grill in Plymouth.

Gasogene John Kramb opened the meeting at 12:42, after introducing the Board members present, Ray Mandziuk, Tantalus, Walter Young, Tidewaiter and Chris Music, Commissionaire. Guests present were Chris Johnson the Mayor of Northville, Michael Jones, and Penny Griffin.

John reminded members that the new year indicates the need for opening our wallets and purses to free up $12.00 for the annual dues, “a paltry sum of $1.00 per month”.

Ray Mandziuk has requested a “hiatus” from the role of Tantalus after serving in that capacity for 8 years and will now be known as Tantalus Emeritus. John selected Rob Musial as the new Tantalus and the torch was passed.

Passing the torch. Tantalus Emiritus Ray Mandziuk and new Tantalus Rob Musial

Ray shared the following information:
The Sterling Heights Public Library has requested a repeat and expansion of the display the Mendicants presented last year. The library is planning a summer-long program focusing on detective fiction theme titled, “Get A Clue”. The Amateur Mendicant Society has been invited to participate in a Sherlock Holmes program for adults, young adults and children. More information to follow.
The Agra Treasurers of Dayton have invited us to participate in their annual symposium. March 9-11 are the dates for the meeting at the Holiday Inn at Miamisburg, Ohio. Information has been sent by email to our membership and copies of the registration form were displayed and made available.
New scion badges are still available for ordering at a cost of $9.00 each and will replace the old nametags. Contact Ray Mandziuk to order.

Gloria Longueuil made a brief presentation regarding items of clothing available through her for purchase: T-shirts and sweatshirts with faces of the many actors who played the role of Sherlock Holmes, along with a short and long sleeve shirt that Richard Jeryan makes available with the scion symbol of the mendicant. Information for purchasing the items was available.

Toasts during lunch were introduced by Chris Music and rendered by:
v Donna Wisely – Irena Adler, The Woman
v Jim Conway -- Watson’s second wife – “whoever you think”
v Sam Stinson -- Mrs. Hudson
v Michael Ellis -- Mycroft Holmes

Following a lunch of chicken piccata, broiled fish or Cobb salad, John Kramb announced that B.S.I. Regina Stinson received the Jan Whimsey Award for a canonical poem printed in the Serpentine Muse, vol. #22.

Regina shared some information regarding a play, “Sherlock’s Veiled Secret”, would be shown at the Broadway On Stage Live Theatre April 20-May 19.

A discussion of the canonical story of the day, Silver Blaze, was directed by John Kramb who stirred response from the attendees by questioning whether he was the only one who read the _ _ _ _ story. The intricacies of dissecting some of the aspects of story, such as S.H. measuring the speed of the train while passing the rail pole markers along with the attire of our hero as seen in the train car drawings that render Holmes in clothing from head to foot (deerstalker, spats, Watson’s cigar) left little time to discern the real murderer.

The response from the audience mentioned six possibilities for committing the dastardly deed, including the horse reacting in self-defense while the dog did not bark.

Truly a humorous, spirited, interaction reflecting the complete pleasure of those attending to the whimsical lead of the Gasogene.

Michael Ellis gives his presentation - "Sherlock Holmes in Plymouth"

Michael Ellis gave a presentation with his wife, Bev’s assistance that focused on developing a tale to include fact and fiction blended together in exhibiting his canonical knowledge, historical sites and experiences with vivid, carefully assimilated data and imagination. Drawing from historical material from the library, information was expertly woven to coincide with dates and places to meld with the goal of his premise that Sherlock Holmes did indeed visit Plymouth and surroundings in 1910.

Proving his theses, Michael laboriously sought out information to support his argument by presenting articles, pictures and information carefully knit to prove his declaration. The presentation included slides that pictured the involvement of many members of the local Holmes family, along with citizens from industry and renown leaders of the Plymouth Community, plus illustrious and profound Amateur Mendicants.

Mike did a great job, as the warm applause indicated. He made us all followers on the tracks of the visit of Sherlock Holmes to Plymouth.

Drawing names from the Mendicant’s hat produced two winners. Guest and new member, Michael Jones, won the Baker Street Station ceramic sign, while Richard Jeryan won the small edition of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes from the Classic Series

The raffle prize - Baker Street sign

Chris Music informed us that the next meeting would be held at the Commonwealth Club on Saturday evening,
May 5.

Following the ritual singing of God Save The Queen led by Anne Musial, Ray Mandziuk closed the meeting at 3:43 by reading “221b”

Submitted by
Ray Mandziuk, Tantalus