Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 21 Meeting Minutes

Amateur Mendicant Society
Minutes of Dinner Meeting
Grosse Pointe War Memorial
21 October, 2006

Gasogene, John Kramb, called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

As the Tigers played the first game of the World Series in Detroit since 1984, 42 Amateur Mendicants and friends attended the October meeting in Grosse Pointe. New members/attendees were Chuck and Claudia Tonner, Frank and Joyce Hostnik and Donna Hicks.

Gasogene Kramb outlined the procedure for both the live and silent auctions indicating that $4.00 would be the minimum bid. Other business shared by Tantalus Mandziuk: membership dues of $12.00 paid today would cover 2006-2007, and information from the B.S.I. Journal on their B.S.I. blog.

Toasts for the evening were organized by Eddie Stein and rendered by:
v David Mohan -- The Woman
v Gloria Longueuil -- Watson’s second wife
v Barbara Koeppen -- Mrs. Hudson
v Cary Black -- Mycroft Holmes

Dinner was served at 7:30 and consisted of: Chicken Marsala with mushrooms on a bed of Capellini Pasta, Green Beans Almandine, Romaine Salad, Key Lime or Pumpkin Pie, coffee or tea and wine (compliments of Gasogene Kramb). A vegetarian entrée was also available.

Following dinner, John Kramb began the discussion of this evenings’ story, The Adventure of Black Peter with focus on the nautical theme, our host site on Lake St. Clair. In this story, there is mention of the Ribston Pippins (apple Victorian dessert) and a tantalus (wood or leather framework that holds decanters of wine in place generally found on ships).

Points of discussion:
Ø Why was Peter murdered and how
Ø Innocent young man, cleared by Sherlock Holmes
Ø Why after many years did two people appear from the past within two days
Ø Why were Sherlock Holmes and Watson going to Norway

It was additionally interesting to note that our Gasogene Emeritus, Roy Pilot, Commissionaire, Chris Music, and Chris and Richard Jeryan were in absence---hmm, were they en route to Norway too???

Following the discussion, the live auction directed by Walter Young, Rob Musial and Ray Mandziuk began in earnest. Numerous Sherlockian items from two catalogues, previously distributed, were bid on and appreciatively purchased with spirited and competitive bidding. Within 75 minutes most of the items put up for auction were dispensed. A preliminary tabulation of approximately $500 was added to the A.M.S. coffers through this vigorous and exciting experience. Many thanks. Enjoy your new memorabilia.

We will meet in January, probably in Plymouth where Michael Ellis will offer a paper and related activities. More information to follow.

The meeting closed at 9:47 PM with the singing of “God Save the Queen”.

Submitted by

Ray Mandziuk, Tantalus