Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Auction Catalogue

OCTOBER 21, 2006

1. The Baker Street Journal. Vol. 1 #1: b. AMS; Vol. 2 #1; Russell McLauchlin; p. AMS

2. Brass and Marble Figurine of a Bee – Made By Former Mendicant Aubrey Roberts. Inscribed as “Sherlock Holmes – he has retired and betaken himself to bee farming on the Sussex Downs… Dr. Watson of the Second Stain”

3. Calabash Pipe. Plastic.

4. The Classic Illustrated Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. featuring the original artwork by Sydney Paget. Longmeadow Press, 1987

5. “The Game is afoot” (New Grey Sweatshirt) and magnifying glass on left front. Size L.

6. “The Game is afoot” (New White T-Shirt) and magnifying glass on left front. Size L.

7. Holmes Pewter money clip. Cast by The UK A. E. Williams pewter Company.

8. “His Last Bow” – Soft cover Book. Sherlock Holmes Reference Library/Leslie Klinger, ed. Gasogene Books.

9. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” – Soft cover Book. Sherlock Holmes Reference Library/Leslie Klinger, ed. Gasogene Books.

10. “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. DVD Starring Peter Cushing; Andre Morell and Christopher Lee.. First Sherlock Holmes mystery in color. Other features.

11. Literary Houses: Ten Famous Houses in Fiction. By Rosalind Ashe. Contains art work on Baskerville Hall.

12. “The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes” – DVD

13. Murder in Baker Street. New Tales of Sherlock Holmes. Edited by Martin H. Greenberg; Jon L. Lellenberg, and Daniel Stashower. New York: Carroll & Graf, 2001

14. Murder to Go – The Murder Mystery Participation Game. New.

15. “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” by Vincent Starrett – Hardcover Book

16. “The Red-Headed League” and the “A Scandal in Bohemia” oversized coffee mugs

17. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Edited and annotated by Leslie S. Klinger. Gasogene Books.

18. Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler. A Lesson in Friendship. Sheer-luck Holmes and the Hounds of Baker Street. By Doug Peterson. Zonder-kids. The children’s group of Zondervan, 2005.. Based on the book Sherlock Holmes and the Golden Ruler (DVD)

19. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking, with Press release and mailer.

20. Sherlock Holmes Dressed Doll (12” tall; in Travelling Cape and Overcoat, with Deerstalker and curved pipe in mouth.

21. Sherlock Holmes Dressed Doll (18”tall; in Travelling Cape and Overcoat; with Deerstalker and curved Pipe (Limited Edition #700/4,470)

22. Sherlock Holmes Drinking Glasses. The profile of Holmes faces left.

23. Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia. By Orlando Park. 1981 first paper

24. Sherlock Holmes hand cast pewter magnifying Glass of the finest make. Created by A. E. Williams in the U.K. The handle consists of Holmes in his tweed travelling gear of Deerstalker; Calabash; Glass, 221B Kilts.

25. Sherlock Holmes Handkerchief

26. Sherlock Holmes Lamp Statue sans bulb, shade and dome hardware.

27. Sherlock Holmes Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle. New.

28. Sherlock Holmes VHS Tapes starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce including: “Dressed to Kill”, “Terror by Night”, “The Woman in Green”, and “Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon”

29. Sherlock Holmes’s London. By Tsukasa Kobayashi, et al. SF: Chronicle Books, 86.

30. Sherman’s Lagoon. By Jim Toomey. A collage of newspaper strips of a Sherlockian nature. Suitably framed for home or office. Collected from the newspaper and a special strip from the author (black & white).
31. Strand Magazines and Covers from 1901-1904, Various.

October 21 Meeting Notice

Dear Amateur Mendicants & Friends,

Sherlockian Greetings!

Our Fall meeting will be held on Saturday, October 21, at 6:30 (dinner at 7:15) at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, located at 32 Lakeshore Drive (between Cadieux and Moross) in GPF.

The menu for the evening is Chicken Marsala with mushrooms on a bed of Capellini Pasta, green beans almandine, romaine salad, key lime or pumpkin pie, coffee or tea and wine. The cost is $27, which includes the food, tax, gratuity and use of the facility. Vegetarian dinner selection is available upon advance request. As always, please confirm your attendance for the dinner meeting by sending your check to arrive no later than Monday, October 16, to:

Edward F. Stein, A.M.S.

The canon reading for discussion is The Adventure Of Black Peter
… “He was pinned like a beetle on a card.”
…“Yes there was a tantalus containing brandy and whisky on the sea-chest”
…“One should always look for a possible alternative and provide against it.
It is the first rule of criminal investigation”
…“Basil. That’s my name in those parts.”

The main event of the evening will be the Auction. We will have a ‘live’ auction on about 30 items and a ‘silent’ auction on items that guests can write their bids on before dinner.

Much planning has gone into this dinner meeting and we look forward to another special evening of congeniality, good food and an outstanding program. Until the 21st — be on your guard, for the game's afoot.

"Come at once if convenient... if inconvenient come all the same."

Sherlockian regards,
Ray Mandziuk, Tantalus